The Hamilton Mask family were the original owners/builders of the Verandah House.  Mr. Mask was truly one of the founders of Corinth.  His name is preserved in the Mitchell and Mask Survey of the town and he was engaged in the real estate business he began before the town was chartered in 1856.

Although the Masks sold the home for $7000 in April of 1860, to Burnett B. Wilkerson, the family was connected to Corinth until after the Civil War.

Mr. Hamilton was born in North Carolina, but seems to have been living in Northeast Mississippi as early as 1853.  His wife Jesse, was born in Ohio and they had a son named Henry who was 17 at the time of the 1870 census.

Mr. Mask was Mayor of Corinth during part of the difficult reconstruction period of 1870-1875, but sold his remaining property after his term as mayor and moved away.

The Masks reportedly moved to Texas but as this point, the location is not definitely known.

More history will be added as resources become available.


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